willgo wheelchairs - a new concept in wheel chair design

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The Willgo Wheel Chair is a conventional looking Wheel Chair incorporating a lightweight, compact, Manual Powered Transmission system enabling greater and easier application of Power to the Rear Wheels.

Willgo can be used just like any other Wheel Chair, around the Home, the Office, Powered at the Hand Rim, then, if you want to go further, off Road, to the Shops, engage the Transmission and Power away.

Willgo Wheelchair Users in Testing show that the Transmission enables the application of up to twice as much Power to the Rear Wheels from a more user-friendly and ergonomic position.

Willgo offers substantially improved operation in a design that allows Wheel Chair Users to travel at Speeds and over Distances that to date have not been possible in existing design Wheel Chairs. The design offers a realistic alternative to Electric Assist Wheel Chairs and offers the Wheel Chair User the opportunity to further improve independence.

Willgo Demonstration

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Willgo incorporates everything you would expect in a conventional Wheel Chair design and then also includes the Transmission system with an easy Power Engagement system, incorporated Brake Levers, clean and lightweight Pulley Wheels, Pulley Belts, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Lightweight Aluminium and Nylon, silent Operation.

Improved ergonomics and power application reduce repetitive strain injury at hands and wrists, compression of internal organs, with upright posturing.

With the Transmission engaged the Willgo Wheelchair will not roll backwards down inclines, an important consideration for Wheelchair users.

Now at start of manufacturing, available World-wide.

Assisted Purchase Schemes around the World paying 50% - 100% towards purchase price.

Further details will be released to this site as soon as they are available.

Please email us on info@willgowheelchairs.com